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What I Eat in a Day #1

I know pretty much everyone who makes a post like mine says this but…

I love food.

Like I wake up and think about breakfast. I think about lunch whilst eating breakfast. I go to sleep thinking about food.

I dream about food. 

So trust me, when I say I love food, I’m serious.

I decided that I wanted to write a new kind of blog post, something related to food at least once a week since I love it so much. I’ll still be posting a review a week and my weekly summary too.

Anyway. Food.

Breakfast :

This morning, I started off by making some hella yummy porridge which was also really pretty.

It looks so good I want some right now. 

I made this pinky purplish porridge by adding some frozen berries into my quackers instant porridge oats with a bit of milk and microwaving (is that a word) it for a couple minutes. Once it was done I stirred it and it turned into this really pretty colour. I added some chia seeds and ground cinnamon too for some protein and a little extra flavour.

I would usually eat this with a banana to make it sweeter because the berries are sour but we’d run out. Still tasted great but I’ll add some honey next time.

Snack : 

I didn’t take a picture of this because it was pretty basic. After going to the gym for a bit I had an orange and bought a banana too for some energy.

Lunch : 

I’m a noodles addict.

Oh my word they’re so good.

These were so cheap to make too, it’s a great meal that’s still full of veggies and protein from the egg.

I used the Tesco Instant Chow Mein flavoured Noodles which cost just 30p. They’re so handy if you’re feeling super lazy or if you’re just short for time. I boiled mine in a pan of water with the flavouring it came with. Then I made it 10x better and added my own flavours with some garlic powder, chilli powder, sesame oil, pepper, salt, lemon juice and of course, dark soy sauce.

Little bit excessive but I do love my flavours.

I threw in some veggies we had in the fridge too. A handful of spinach, some red onion, four mushrooms and some red pepper. The egg I had was sort of soft boiled which is one of my favourite things to add to noodles.

I left it for a few minutes and damn. It tasted good.

Not the healthiest thing around but it really filled me up and I managed to get in a couple of my five a day too.

Dinner : 

Okay so this wasn’t healthy but there’s only so much a girl can do, I’m working on it.

It tasted nice though. It was pretty simple, a slice of margherita pizza (Pizza Express) which was yummy, a couple small pieces of garlic bread, some lettuce and some tomato pasta which had some broccoli and green pepper in it.

Overall, today was a good food day. I had a few more carbs than I would have liked to (I’m trying to tone up) but they tasted great so I don’t mind. I managed to get my fruit and veggies in too!

What’s your favourite meal? Leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading,

Safa x


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