Weekly Entries

Week 9 

I thinks this week has been the first where I’ve had so many highs and lows. 

Basically, I’ve been all over the place. 

I’m not quite sure why either..it might have been because I started revising again and came to the realisation that I really need to put in a crap ton of effort if I want to prove that I can do well. 

And then I got into intense revision mode which seemed fine to me but it turns out that I kinda scared everyone because I ended up being in the revision zone way too much. Oops. 

So I think next week I’m going to have to find the right balance for me, just to make sure that I’m not completely isolating myself because that’s just not healthy. I mean, it’s got me As and A*s in the past but I ended up not talking to anyone for two weeks and having no clue what was going on in the world. Not fun. 

Speaking of what’s going on in the world, wasn’t this week another mess! Just what we need, right? 

Politics is an utter shambles but I found it quite funny when Trump’s travel ban was suspended by the judges this weekend. It’s probably just me but it’s like some higher power is finally saying no to a spoilt child. He appealed for the travel ban to be reinstated but that was shot down pretty quickly. 

This world really needs more love. Sigh. 

I watched London Has Fallen this week and surprisingly, I quite liked it. Yeah it was similar to Olympus Has Fallen but I really couldn’t resist a movie that’s based in my home capital. Plus there’s a bunch of explosions and car chases which always makes me happy 😊 

(I feel like this is such a long post but I’m not even done yet oh dear)

I found myself sort of analysing how each scene was filmed and I kinda got into it. The colour scheme was pretty and fit really well. It got me thinking about how clever directors have to be with how they film things and it’s amazing. 

It also inspired me to start taking photos again. I’m not fancy or anything with a camera, I just use my iPhone but I love finding the perfect lighting and composition. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some later in the week when I go out! 

I went to the gym twice this weekend and damn can I feel it. Saturday wasn’t as intense as I’m used to because I forgot to stretch properly and I injured my ankle so I had to speed walk on the treadmill instead of run. Ugh. 

I just increased the incline and it worked okay but I didn’t get to burn off enough steam which is the reason I actually love running for a bit. Thankfully my ankle didn’t feel as weak this morning so I made sure to go for it and it felt great. Physically I’m exhausted but I still feel good and happy that I could just keep going. I think I ran about 2km which is fine but I usually run about 3km in 20 minutes. Since my ankle was still a bit iffy I couldn’t run as fast as usual. 

I’m gradually increasing my pace each week so I can run more and for longer which is going well. I’m focusing more on my legs really and just building my stamina up.

Also, I tried the hip abduction machines and boy does it hurt. I didn’t even know muscles like this existed! So I’m starting a squat challenge to try and help me out, hopefully I’ll become stronger 😊

I’ve been listening to piano music all week and I’m actually in love. Some of the pieces I’ve listened to are just so beautiful that I want to cry. My favourites so far are “Falling, Catching” by Agnes Obel and “Sleeping Lotus” by Joep Beving. 

I’m also getting pretty into veganism. I’m currently a vegetarian but I’m intrigued by the vegan world. So many people make it look easy but I know that if I ever want to try it out then I’d have to be living by myself. I don’t think my family would be able to handle a vegan! They’d be a bit lost. 

Side note : I made some vegan pancakes for breakfast which were delicious and I’ll be posting the recipe tomorrow, woo!

I know this was a long read so if you’ve made it this far then you’re amazing and I’d love it if you could comment something below!

Thank you x

Week 9, done. 

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