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Week 8 (It’s a long one)

So I have a lot to talk about and I feel like I’m still going to miss stuff out but we’ll see how it goes. Cue rambling.

Side note: I’ve been blogging for two months and it’s been a week since I decided to move over to a self hosted blog. Holy crap.

Actually I think this week has been pretty fun overall! I mean, there’s been a few stressful moments around mid-way was certainly my highlight of the week.


Parents evening. 

I’m so pleased with how it went. Some people think it’s strange, but I feel proud of myself when a teacher tells me that they’re happy with my work and progress. To me, having the confidence from someone who’s an expert in their subject increases my confidence and I feel ready to really start pushing myself now.

I’ve started revising for GCSEs properly now since I had a long enough break after mock exams. So far it’s going okay, candles have certainly become my best friends 😊 I’ve been burning my cinnamon maple one all week and I’m in love. I’m on a cinnamon hype so I’ll share my latest breakfast in my next post, it includes cinnamon of course.

Another thing I found recently is the app Tandem. Now, I haven’t shared my love for languages on my blog yet (I’m on it don’t worry) but I adore languages. Especially Spanish. I just love being able to converse with someone and make a connection with them that isn’t always there if you just rely on using English. But anyway, a friend recommended this app to me and essentially it’s a way for you to learn/practice or improve a language by talking with other people. When you download the app you fill in a form with a few questions and the people over at Tandem will look over your form to make sure you’re genuine and not there to date or anything.

I actually love the whole concept and I’ve been using it for three days now. You post a topic, like “I want to talk about movies in Spanish” for example, and someone else in the world using the app will message you and start a conversation. So far I’ve focused on practising my Spanish but I’ve tried using German a couple of times too. I’ve actually done pretty well so far and if I make a mistake then the other person will correct it for me! Great, right?

A lovely Spanish girl recommended that I listen to an album by Paco Ibáñez and it was beautiful. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to hold a conversation with someone in another language! I’ll definitely write a post or a series of posts related to languages soon.

This weekend was actually quite busy for me! I managed to go to the gym twice and I think my stamina is improving, I’m able to increase the amount of time I run for whilst interval training which is great but damn I can’t lift. I’m starting off light and hopefully I’ll be able to gradually build up the weight. My goal is to become toned and maintain a healthy physical fitness and so far my progress is good. Oh, another upcoming post is my “Post Workout Routine”!

Okay. So yesterday I went out with my Mum to an adorable coffee shop and I actually fell in love. The place was so rustic and adorable that I’ve made it my goal to find more independent coffee shops near me. I had a slice of Coffee and Walnut cake with my cappuccino and it was to die for! We visited a few shops straight after and I bought two B. Beauty Sponges from Superdrug for £3.49. Like…what?! They’ve been my favourite sponges to use to blend my makeup out for a while now and this was definitely a steal! And finally, I went to a charity shop and bought the book Stalkers by Paul Finch which actually looks so promising. Charity shops are some of my favourite places to go if I want to buy books. The condition of the books are usually brilliant and there’s always a lovely selection. Plus, your money will be going to charity! Even if it is a small amount, it makes a difference. The book only cost 75p.

I ordered some new makeup to try out as well! The Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation arrived today and I’m already loving it, the shade is perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever found a drugstore foundation that matches my undertones so well! I also ordered an LA Girl Pro Concealer because I lost mine (oops) and some Vita Liberata makeup which was uber cheap. Like 60p per product cheap. Yeah I’m so doing a review on it.

Seems like this week was just full of bargains! Wow, a lot happened.

I just wanted to add that I’m extremely grateful for everything I have and everything I’m fortunate enough to experience. Being able to compile a weeks worth of events into one place has really helped me be able to reflect more and I’m glad that I do it.

So if you’ve managed to get this far then thank you! I really appreciate it, please leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Week 8, done.



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