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Week 7 + blog changes

Hi! If you’re new to my blog, welcome and thank you for reading! My name is Safa and at the end of every week I bundle up my thoughts and feelings and stuff them into a post. Kind of like a diary entry. If you read this, please leave a comment! I’d love to know your thoughts too.

Firstly, I want to stay by saying thank you to everyone who reads and follows this blog because last night it reached 100 followers! To think that many people have taken the time to visit and decide to follow my blog is amazing. So thank you very much.

It’s been another pretty good week which is always good and I think I’m slowly improving in English. I’ve taken the time to really think about topics and exam questions and so far it’s paying off. It also kind of been boring so I won’t elaborate too much but on the up side, I’ve signed up to NCS! Since it’s quite far away I’m not going to talk about it but I’m sure I’ll write a post in the near future.

Well, when I say pretty good it completely disregards Trump and the inauguration and let’s just pretend that ever happened.


Now for the slightly more interesting part.

Towards the end of this week I did some thinking and came up with some things I’d like to achieve. I thought I could share some of the goals I’ve set for the next three months.

So as you can see, I’m hoping to turn this blog from Talk Makeup To Me into Safa’s Life or Safa Loves (still deciding) since it turns out I really enjoy blogging about more than just beauty. I’d also like to get a self hosted blog because I feel like it’s the next step I need to take to grow my blog and I’d really love to gain a little more control of my space.

Yes, it’s only been seven weeks since I started but I’ve learnt a ton along the way and there’s some things which I’d like to add that I can’t at the moment. We’ll be transitioning into Safa’s Life/Safa Loves by the end of the month (fingers crossed) and then hopefully I’ll be able to get my own domain! After doing some research, I’ve figured out what I’d like to do and which web host I’d like to use.

I’m not sure if anyone would find this useful but I might start a series about growing my blog and the steps I’m taking, kind of to document the journey and maybe make it a little easier for anyone else who is ready to take the next steps too.

This all excites me so much and I honestly can’t wait but I’m going to be patient.

Moving my blog needs to be a smooth transition and I’d like to completely revamp things. My instagram is ew at the moment (I really need a theme), my Pinterest is actually dead and I’m still figuring out the best way to take photos for the blog. I’m using a white sheet as the background for now, it’s okay but I wish I had something a bit better. I might invest in some glossy card or a block of marble.

We’ll see.

Since I’m not sure whether anyone reads these posts or not, please comment below if you do! It would be so nice to know your thoughts and it would be so helpful too.

Thank you all for the love!

Week 7, done.


  1. Congrats! Over 100 followers in 7 weeks is fantastic! Personally when I take pictures for my blog, I like to have different surfaces to lay my products on… for instance a little rug, a pillow case, by boyfriends Terrarium background haha… xoxo Sarah

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