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Week 5

So this isn’t going to be in chronological order because I just watched the second episode of Sherlock last night…


I could completely freak out and write about my theories and how small things like a hug got me in the feels but I don’t think I’m really ready for that step yet.


Week 5.

I started school again. Yay.

Well, I shouldn’t sound so disheartened about it because I’m actually at this point in my life where I’ve just accepted that school is a thing. And I should be grateful and stop whining about going back. But that’s just my laziness whining anyway.

We were given some of our mock results back and if I’m going to be honest here, then I’m just going to say that I’m not exactly happy with them. Yes I got As and Bs (a couple A*s thrown in that I’m happy with) which is lovely but considering how confident I felt in some of those exams, my results are a little bit worrying. The grades themselves are okay (I’m not the happiest getting a B, I set myself high standards) but the marks I got weren’t great.

And it’s kind of sad.

But at least I know how to fix up, after all they were only mocks.

On the bright side, I’ve been making myself a healthy lunch everyday because I was getting pretty bored of sandwiches every lunch. I’ve been feeling pretty great eating good food too, I’m much more energetic! I’m thinking of writing posts on recipes or making cooking videos but I’m not really sure yet..

But I do love my food.

I’ve also got back into blogging mode now that I’m feeling better! I’ve also stocked up on photos for blog posts because by the time I get home on a weekday it’s already dark. I’ll be posting again on Wednesday woo!

I felt really accomplished this weekend, I spent some time working on the blog and I have changed the style of my photos too. Pinterest is so helpful for blogging, there are tons of posts for every issue you have with so many ways to solve them!

I love the blogging community.

So overall this week has had it’s ups and a couple minor downs but I’m going to try and keep a positive outlook on things. Nothing is permanent, things can improve and I can always make sure I do better next time.

Week 5, done.

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