Weekly Entries

Week 10 & 11

It’s been exactly two weeks since I posted…


I didn’t mean to put it off for this long, I just decided to focus on school work which turned out great in one sense but it meant my poor blog was abandoned 😔

I’m sorry blog.

But I’m back! I swear I’ve missed blogging but I’m still trying to figure out how to be a good student and a good blogger all at once.


I’ve been doing pretty well I suppose, nothing special but life’s been good.

Apart from the fact that I’ve been eating unhealthy. Like really unhealthy. I’m getting back on track now but my meals have been aaaalllllll over the place because I’ve been doing work at lunch. But it’s okay, I’m doing a lot better now. Definitely back on my greens but gosh do I need to cut back on the sugar 😂

At the moment my room is being redecorated so I can’t really do much either. So I’m very bored.

Which is why I’m hoping to post a bit more.

Week 10 was really fun actually, I had a day off in the middle of the week and I spent a day out with my friends somewhere. It was really cute 😊


Hopefully week 12 will be a lot more interesting.

Week 10 + 11, done.

(thank the lord)

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