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W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder Review

When it comes to trends, using yellow loose powder is one that’s managed to last over the past few years and is still regularly used today. Not only is it trendy, it really helps control my oily skin and prevents it looking ashy.


Now, I’ve used powder to set my makeup for quite some time but it was only in October last year when I decided to try out some Loose Powder – specifically a yellow toned one.

After watching countless youtubers and makeup artists rave about the benefits of their Ben Nye or Anastasia banana powders, I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Unfortunately, I don’t have the kind of budget to allow me to go for the high end stuff which is why I chose to purchase the W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder from Amazon*. Not only was it affordable (£3* when I bought it) but the reviews looked promising.



So I’ve been using the powder for the past five months now which means I can certainly give you a legitimate and in depth review.


The container is made from plastic and is quite sturdy but the only issue I have with it is the lid as it can be a bit annoying sometimes when it doesn’t twist into place correctly.

The powder itself comes through a sieve like layer (there are a few holes in a plastic sheet to filter some powder through) but due to the way I store the product, quite a lot manages to sift it’s way through. You get 20g of product but as always with any powder it’ll last forever.


I find the powder quite easy to apply now but I do remember finding it a bit tricky at first. It’s a lot easier to dab your brush slightly into the lid and tab off the excess as opposed to going straight into the pot. It can be a bit messy if you’re not used to loose powders but that’s not down to the product itself.

Due to it being a loose powder, it’s perfect for baking. I rarely ever “bake” my face as it doesn’t suit me very well and it feel quite heavy but this product works really well for it.

I’ve recently started to apply the powder with a damp sponge and it’s really made a difference! As long as you don’t use too much, this trick sets your makeup flawlessly. I noticed that it even helps diminish the look of pores!


It definitely gives a matte finish but it doesn’t make my skin look like the Sahara desert. When paired with my finishing spray (review here), all of the excess powder is soaked up and my makeup doesn’t look caked whatsoever. Basically, it’s a match made in heaven.

I prefer using it with a spray anyway in case I’m a bit too heavy handed! It works perfectly well by itself, just make sure to use a small amount of powder. A little goes a long way!

The powder also gives a slightly brightened affect to wherever you apply it but it’s not excessive which I quite like.


The product has a brilliant lasting power by itself and I can generally go about four to five hours before my nose gets all oily but it definitely sets my makeup and allows it to last for the entire day.


Apparently this is a good dupe for the expensive powders and in my opinion, it’s a worthy contender. I’ve tried the Ben Nye banana powder a few times before and can say I notice the difference in shade. Ben Nye has a richer, stronger yellow tone than W7 which makes it especially good for deeper skin tones.

Admittedly other than that I don’t see much other difference. The W7 powder gives really similar results but is slightly more subtle for highlighting. I prefer the finish of the cheaper alternative because I find it’s brilliant for everyday wear. The Ben Nye powder is great too of course but but I prefer it for glam makeup days or special occasions. It gives a stronger, more stark contrast which I’m not into for everyday wear. Got to say, the W7 powder wins this time!

Thanks for reading!

Overall this powder is definitely worth it as it’s so inexpensive and it does what it says on the tin! I’m quite happy to continue using it until it runs out and I’m sure I’ll get over the lid issue. I hope you enjoyed reading this review! Have you tried this powder before? Do you have any future post requests? If so then leave a comment, I love feedback!

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