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Review #6 : Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner 

May the wings of your eyeliner be ever in your favour. 

Eyeliner is a tricky business. It is a skill which takes years to master and stumps even some of the most accomplished makeup lovers. 

However, I’m not exactly accomplished. 

Which means I’m kinda crap at it. 

But I still love using eyeliner, despite the battle I have with it every time I use it. Because when it goes well, the end result is so worth it. 
I received the Ciaté London Fierce Flicks eyeliner in my December 2016 Birchbox and was really excited to try it out, I’ve tried out their nail polishes before but their makeup was completely new to me!

As you can probably tell from the images, I’ve used this eyeliner a fair few times and it turns out that I really like it. It retails at £15 (I think) and is a felt tip eyeliner. I really like using these types of eyeliner because it’s a bit easier to apply and it’s less messy. 
When the packaging was fully intact, I really liked it, the little silver stars were cute. The eyeliner itself is really nice, it’s an extremely pigmented jet black which isn’t too watery so I like the formula. 

It’s a little trickier to draw thin lines or wings but it’s still possible. I prefer using this to draw medium to thick lines on my eyes. It’s also good if you’d like to draw a wing too, it doesn’t drag which is a huge plus. 

The eyeliner has a long lasting power and doesn’t smudge once it dries. It’s not waterproof which is fine because it doesn’t claim to be but it doesn’t cause major issues. I love using it in the morning because it dries pretty instantly and will definitely last at least 10 hours before it might move a little. 

I’m loving how this product is working for me so far and I’d definitely recommend it! I think I’ll repurchase it when this one runs out, sometimes you just have to splurge a little for the good stuff. 

Hope you enjoyed the review! 

Safa x


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