Review #1 : Makeup Revolution Blush Palette

It’s funny how a dusting of pink powder on your cheeks can transform you from looking from sleep deprived and zombie-like to “damn that girl looks awake”

The amount of blush products I own for an average sixteen year old girl is slightly embarrassing but it’s just so pretty..

I try to keep my daily makeup routine to the minimum but no matter what, I can’t skip out on blush. I’ve even tried those two in one lip and cheek things but it doesn’t work. I can’t not use blush. It’s just not possible. Nope. Nada. 

Which is why my eyes literally lit up when I noticed this blush palette on the Makeup Revolution stand in Superdrug. This palette is called “Sugar and Spice”.  

The palette includes six lovely mauve, pinky and brown matte shades and two quite frosty highlighters which just aren’t really my thing. They look cool in the pan and all but they’re definitely not the right shades for my skin tone and are a little chalky.

The matte blushes however are pretty good. They’re all fairly pigmented and only need a couple taps with a brush to give a nice colour. The darker shades are slightly more pigmented but the lighter shades work well too with a little more work. 

My favourite shades are the two on the far left, they give a really subtle and natural looking flush that compliments my skin tone well. 

I’d definitely recommend the palette if you’re a bit of a blush lover like me, it’s really affordable for what you get at £6 and the mirror is a bonus!

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