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This is an extremely long post but bare with me, it’s worth the time. It’s perfect for GCSE students especially (like me!). Anyway, here are my study and revision tips – good luck!

(Before we begin, I just want to say there’s no way you can expect to do well if you don’t put in the effort. Honestly. It makes such a huge difference and as difficult as it is, it’s worth it.)


This tip is more about organising revision but it’s extremely helpful and really makes everything clear for you. Make a list for each subject you’re being examined in, break it down into units and write down the topics you need to revise. You can tick off what you’ve done as you go along or highlight the topics which you really need to focus on.

The Mind Map Method.

Actual revision tip here, grab a sheet of paper and write down a topic in the middle. Now without looking at your notes, annotate the topic with everything you remember about it. Once you’re done, use another coloured pen to add what you didn’t remember.

When you’ve got a bit further in your revision it helps to make that mind map again and compare the two. It shows whether your revision is effective and what you need to work on. This is really helpful and can be used for any subject.

Here you can see the black pen is what I remember and the purple is what I didn’t.

YouTube videos 

Sounds a bit random but this tip applies to the sciences mainly. I found a YouTube channel called Science and Maths by Primrose Kitten which is a bit of an odd name but it’s run by a science angel so it doesn’t really matter. (The link is to her AQA playlist)

She talks through each unit and the key things you need to know in under and hour, which is incredible considering the amount of content there is, for each exam board. It’s brilliant and is great to jog your memory the day before your exam too. Lots of crammers use her videos, I don’t exactly recommend cramming but if it gets to that point then these videos may save you.

Past papers

It’s sort of obvious but past papers are such a key part of revising effectively. It’s one thing being able to recite facts, formulas and quotes, but it’s another to be able to apply your knowledge. Exam technique is so important and past papers are available online for a reason.

Along with past papers, you can usually find the examiners report on it too.

It’s literal gold.    

Examiner reports explain what they’re looking for and give examples of good and bad answers. Use them.


You can find premade revision folders and lists by searching quizlet for the exam board and subject.

This is especially helpful for languages because knowing your vocab is what will get you the advantage in listening and reading exams. Unsurprisingly, it helps to know what the question says.


Short and to the point flashcards are really great but don’t spend all of your time making notes.

If you’re going to make them, do it a few months in advance, this isn’t a method you should spend too much time on. It’s great but time is precious.

Study Groups 

If you’re like me, explaining how radiation works to your friend can be a really effective way to revise. Working with others is great because sometimes it’s clearer to have someone who understands a topic explain it to you than having to google the answer and get confused.

Take breaks

It’s been proven that it’s best to work for short periods of time when revising to make sure your brain absorbs everything because if you spend too long on something like simultaneous equations, your brain is going to tune out completely which really isn’t the point.

Twenty minute sessions are generally what’s recommended but I like to spend a little longer sometimes. Take five minute breaks in between.

Hope that helped! This was such a long post to write and took a good month to sort out but I think it’s worth it. If you find anything from here useful then please share it via social media and leave a comment below.

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  1. This was great! I have a GCSE on wednesday and was actually thinking of doing a similar post this weekend! Lovely blog, your posts are always such great quality! xx

    Sophie – Love, Soph

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