Blogger Recognition Award! 

So, this is a completely different type of post to usual!

But I was recently nominated by Jamie from the lovely blog Don’t Give A Jam (click to visit her site!) for this award and I’m so excited. By the way, you should check out her blog, it’s brilliant and is all about beauty and lifestyle.

I was also nominated by these lovely humans too, check out their blogs they’re all amazing!

Makeup Maniac


If you’re not exactly sure what the award is really about, then here’s a quick breakdown (not that I’m an expert or anything, I kind of just researched and got the gist of things)

If you’re nominated for the award then congratulations! This means the nominator likes your blog and your work so they think you deserve recognition for it. Whether you’re a new blogger or you’ve been blogging for a while, anyone can be nominated.

Here are a few rules to follow if you’ve been nominated :

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

And that’s about it! I better get started now.

How my blog started :

It was about six weeks ago (you’ll know if you’ve read my weekly summaries) right before I had started my mock exams so I’m fairly new here!

I decided that I wanted a little outlet for myself and had always wanted to have a blog so I thought, might as well go for it. It was really refreshing to be able to take a break from revision every now and then to write and vent here and it still is.

Two pieces of advice to new bloggers

Socialise. Honestly it’s one of the best things you can do for your blog, I’ve only started doing it recently and it’s great! I love being able to read other people’s blog posts, comment on them and really start to get integrated into the blogging community. It’s not difficult either, just search for something you’re interested in and check out the posts, bloggers really appreciate you reading and commenting on posts.

It’s cute, do it.
And as cliché as this second one is, be yourself. Write the way you want to, write about whatever you want to and enjoy it. I haven’t been on here for long but I decided the other day that I wanted to write a few food related posts for my blog too! It’s something I love and enjoy, so why not. Don’t restrict yourself, your blog belongs to you and you should have the choice to write about whatever you want.

Some brilliant bloggers I’d like to award, all the of their blogs are amazing and I love reading all of them, check them out!

pawfriendlybeauty – an adorable blog about cruelty free makeup! x

cozyatheart – she’s been nominated already but I love the blog so I thought you still deserved some recognition x

Exploring Ilgian City – I love the photos on this blog and if you love food then definitely check it out!

Beauty-Blush – Such a good beauty blog! I also really enjoy reading the weekly posts.

The Belleza Corner -The blog posts are actually amazing and I love the mindulness/soul food ones especially. Really good reads.

Major Morris – A lovely blog! I love the health related posts x

Stuff in a Powder Puff  – Love this blog! You’ll find tons of beauty related posts here.

Cherries & Strawberries – So many brilliant beauty posts!

Falling for Snow – This blog has some amazing posts, I love all the photos too!

MateREAL Girl – The beauty posts here are so informative! Definitely worth the read.

Safa x





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