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Review #9: B. Kissable Cult Lip Shades Palette

You know what’s great? Lipsticks. You know what makes it better? When it’s cruelty free. Oh, being vegan never harms either.

(Did I just make a pun, oh my word I’m so sorry, fully unintentional.)

Okay, I’m going to admit that this was sort of an impulse buy which I bought in Superdrug last year whilst Christmas shopping – aka last month – but it was so worth it. I mean, what kind of a makeup lover says no to a £3 lipstick palette? Okay so it was on sale but it’s still available for  £9.99 from amazon which works out at about £1.60 per lipstick which isn’t bad.

The packaging

It’s actually really satisfying having this uncle my collection, it’s just so sleek and look so pretty! It’s also extremely practical, it contains a large mirror and has a magnetic closing thing thereby making it ideal for travelling. It came with a small lip brush which I lost and wasn’t very keen on so that is a small con about the palette.

(Top to bottom: Doll’s House, Rose Quartz, Gothika, Orient, Alecia and Lollipop) 

The lipsticks

At first I wasn’t sure how much use I would get out of this palette, but I tend to reach for it most days. I love that I can build up shades or sheer them out into a stain as well as being able to mix them! The formulas are quite nice and creamy making them really easy to use. I tend to use my fingers when applying them on a day to day basis but when I want a bolder look I’ll use a lip brush. Even though they’re creamy I find that they need a bit of work to warm them up to make the application smoother. I’ll either use my fingers or apply a small amount of coconut oil to help -side note that this might just be because my palette is a little old. 

My favourite shade by far is Gothika, I love how I can create a subtle berry stained effect on the lips or go for a more statement deep wine look. I don’t use a lip liner with any of the shades apart from Doll’s House because it’s a teeny but too pale for me by itself. I like to use it with a brown lip liner to create my perfect nude lip. 

The lipsticks have a great lasting time, probably because they stain nicely. I can get about four hours wear out of these and still have a subtle stain left on my lips which in my view is great, considering how often I eat and drink. 

Overall, I really like this palette. I’m usually find lipstick more favourable in the bullet form but I’ve found the palette really fun because I can mix my own shades which could make it great for makeup artists too. I already love the brand and what it stands for so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised! 

Leave a comment telling me your favourite lipstick! 

Hope you enjoyed this post everyone,

Safa x



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