I Ate Meat?? – 7 Month Vegetarian Update

I’ve officially been a vegetarian for half a year now and thought I’d share my journey so far! This is the second update post I’m writing so if you haven’t read the first one, click here. I explain my reasoning behind becoming a vegetarian in it.

Eating meat story

Now on to the reason you probably clicked on this post. The admittedly clickbait title.

So when I first became a vegetarian, I said that to be the least problematic I can, I would eat meat if that was the only option in the house. Thankfully, that hadn’t happened for months since we’re a fairly healthy family with a fridge stockpiled with greens.

That was until a couple weeks ago on Eid. I was at my Grandma’s house celebrating with my family and went to plate up my lunch. I was pretty hungry when I realised all the options had some sort of meat in them.

Yeah, not fun.

I hovered around the table  for a bit contemplating whether I should bite the bullet and just eat something. It wouldn’t destroy my existence if I ate some chicken, I just wouldn’t like it. I asked my Mum whether the spring rolls had much meat in them and she said I’d be fine eating them, so I grabbed a plate and pick up a roll.

I’m not going to lie here and say it tasted disgusting..because it didn’t. My Grandma’s cooking is brilliant and it tasted good, there were a few veggies in their to help balance it out but I could definitely taste the mince. It was so strange tasting it after so long and I can tell you that I still don’t enjoy it at all.

But I ate it.

And that’s my story!

General update stuff

Anyway, since the last update I feel like I’m doing good. The vegetarian life is treating me well and I can class myself as healthy. I’m sure it’s not just me that has felt this, but I think my diet has improved because I’m way more conscious of what I eat. It’s also led to me experimenting way more kitchen! Some of the recipes I’ve tried are brilliant and I should really post about them, they’re like finger lickin’ good.


I’ve also got some more tips! Not as many as last time, but hopefully someone will find them helpful.

  • Try new food. Like..loads of new food. If you’re feeling restricted with your options then explore different cuisines, it’s like finding a whole new world of stuff to eat. I started trying middle eastern food a few months ago and was astounded at how easy it can be to make! There’s tons of vegetarian options out there, we’re not limited at all. (Lebanese food is brilliant by the way, try it)
  • If you get stuck for ideas, turn to Pinterest. There’s an endless amount of inspiration on there and you might even end up with too many things to make! If you need a kickstart then follow my food board here, I pin a bunch of cool and yummy looking veggie meals.
  • Try not to overload on carbs! Now, there’s nothing wrong with carbs at all. They’re bloody brilliant and taste damn good too, am I right? The only slight issue here is that if you’re a vegetarian (or even vegan) it can be tempting to just eat a lot of carbs (like 80% of food being carbs)  which isn’t the best option. Not that you’ve cut the meat out, you’re missing a chunk of nutrition in your diet, protein. So make sure you stay fairly balanced but please don’t become obsessed with tracking food groups, it’s a lot of effort and you probably don’t need to do it.

Thanks for reading!

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