5 Tips for Spanish Learners

I’ve always loved languages but Spanish is definitely my favourite one. 

It’s probably because I watched Dora the Explorer non-stop when I was little. 

And yes, I mean the old school Dora with Boots, Backpack, Swiper and Dora’s too short shirt. 

I’ve been learning Spanish for about five years now and I’ve gathered some tips along the way, they’re mostly aimed at current Spanish students but beginners can always give them a go too. Enjoy! 

Tip 1

Download at least one Spanish translator app, but please don’t pick google translate. If you really want help with your Spanish then google translate just isn’t the way to go. It’s okay for translating words sometimes but what’s the point in using it when there are so many better alternatives? 

I recommend SpanishDict because it can be used offline, it contains every conjugation of a word, when you translate a sentence it uses three different translators, it has example sentences and has a word of the day notification which is really cute and helpful for learning new vocabulary! They also have a website version. 

Tip 2 

Now along with your translator app, it’s always good to have a physical dictionary too. I currently use the Oxford Learner’s Spanish Dictionary because I find the topics pages and verb tables really handy for homework and exams but any will do really. Just check that it’s not too basic, you want something that you’ll be able to learn new vocabulary from. 

Tip 3 

Okay. More vocab. I know, boring but you can’t exactly speak, read, listen to or write Spanish very well if you don’t know what’s being said. 

This tip kinda came from my teacher and it’s not necessary but it’s really helpful if you’re learning Spanish in school. Find out what exam board you’re using for the language and print off the entire specification vocabulary. Be warned, there are a lot of pages but if you’re willing then it’s so worth it. 

Then you can read through it and highlight the words you don’t know or use enough. This makes it really easy to learn them.

(Btw isn’t this highlighter colour so pretty)

Tip 4

Listen to Spanish music! This has honestly helped me improve my Spanish so much and it’s so easy to do. I personally don’t mind listening to any dialect but if you really want to focus on Spanish from Spain then stick to music from there. 

Check out the Kevin Karla y La Banda on YouTube, I first started listening to them because their Spanish covers of English songs were amazing but I’m really into their original music too. 

Shakira, Daddy Yankee and De La Ghetto are great artists too. It takes a bit of time to find the style you like though, so try listening to different people. 

Tip 5 

Speak to Spanish people. I’ve only started doing this recently because I found the app Tandem which I’m currently obsessed with. I explain everything about it in this post here, but you should definitely check it out. 

I know there are quite a few other apps you can use to talk with other Spanish speakers and it’s really helpful. Try offering to help someone with English and ask if they’ll help you with Spanish. 😊

Muchas gracias for reading and I hope you’ve found at least one, if not all of these tips useful! If you’ve got any more tips then leave a comment below. 

Safa x


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